Where is Bali Located in The World?

Where is bali located in the world? Bali is the one of hundreds famous islands in Indonesia. This island of gods have their unique culture like below :

Nyepi holiday

Only in Bali, all activities stop completely for one day to mark Nyepi. Hindus are forbidden to work, never to travel and have fun, and forbidden to light a fire and light. As a result the road was deserted during Nyepi. You can enjoy the fresh air without pollution and the night sky flashing stars only on the day of Nyepi.

Galungan Day In Bali

On Galungan, you would have to wonder why in every street, houses and office buildings in pasangi bamboo curved ornate Penjor alias. Penjor interpreted as an expression of gratitude for the welfare of human beings who have been granted by the Creator. So no wonder if the materials used to decorate Penjor derived from agricultural products.

Hindu Religious Ceremony encounter almost every day in Bali

You are not wrong to dub Bali as the island, because almost every day Hindu society held sacred religious ritual. You will often see Balinese women carrying offerings on their heads, listening to sacred hymns of a number of temples around, and even see the cymbals (offerings) graced the front of their house.

Witnessing Cremation cremation ceremony in Bali

Cremation ritual known as cremation is a form of liberation of the human spirit to return to the Creator. Ngaben also be very unique with replicas of buildings where the Meru and oxen that are included in the cremation procession. Even some cremation procession held large enough to make the Meru with dozens of meters high, such as the one in the family environment Puri Ubud is often the center of attention of tourists in Bali.

Cleanses Yourself in Pura Tirta Empul

Located in the Tampak Siring, Tirta Empul Temple is famous for a bath that fed springs. Balinese Hindus often use the site to purify oneself or meruwat themselves. Many people were queuing to pray and bathe himself with water flowing from the 13 showers in the bath. Not a few tourists from outside Bali who want to feel the sensation of self-purification of water from Tirta Empul.

Rise and Shine Seeing Dolphins at Sea Lovina

Lovina Beach is the only place in Bali that offer the experience of watching dolphins live in the wild. To watch the dolphins this, ideally you should go to sea from at 06:00 to 07:30 pm. If the sky is already bright, usually dolphins will soon move away from their usual spot appears to play.