Some People Will Take Toys

I guess people have really become desperate these days, because someone broke into my home and stole all of my sex toys. I don’t know why any person would be crazy enough to steal adult toys that had been used by another person. Surely the value of these items would be less than that of new toys, not to mention that there’s no way of knowing if the toys were cleaned beforehand or if the person who used them had something. What was even more odd was that the toys were the only things that were stolen from my home. It’s not like any of my other items were well hidden in my home. I’m grateful, but it’s weird to think about. Since my toys were gone, I had to buy some more.

I have a usual online store that I use for buying toys. This store has pretty good deals on a regular basis and returning customers can get some discounts on their next purchase. They’re usually pretty quick with shipping items out to me, and I’ve never seen them run out of stock on a particular item, which is always a plus. I bought replacements for the items that were stolen, and a few new toys that I hadn’t seen before in the store. I always love trying out a new toy because they give me a different kind of experience compared to the last one.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a toy that feels exactly like another one. There are some similarities between the toys, but they are all unique in the way they behave and the sensations they make. The new toys were pretty intense in a good way. Sometimes I like to push past my boundaries and see how much I can take from a toy.