My Sister and Mom Moved Here to Florida

When my mom decided she wanted to move her and my sister down here to Saint Petersburg, I was excited. I had been living here for nearly two years since graduating from college, and I knew that they would both love it here. I knew that my mom would not settle for just any apartment here either, so I did a search for luxury two bedroom apartments for rent in Saint Petersburg FL. My mom is not really spoiled, but she does work hard and likes the finer things in life. My sister is still in high school, and I knew that my mom would also want the apartment to be in a great school district.

It did not take me long to discover that the Modera Prime 234 apartments were definitely the right ones for them to live in. First off, it is only about five minutes from the apartment that I share with my best friend. It is in a great school district too, and it has everything that my mom and sister could want in an apartment complex. Even the layout of the apartment itself is really nice.

They each have a lot of privacy since their bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment. Each one has a really nice bathroom as well and plenty of closet space. There is a living room, dining room and kitchen in between their bedrooms and bathrooms, and there is also a washer and dryer tucked away in a closet too. There is a really nice balcony too, plus they have so many community amenities there that it puts my own apartment to shame. When I showed it to my mom and sister, they both really liked it. There was only one apartment left like the one they wanted, so my mom filled out the application and submitted it the same day. It is so amazing having both of them this close to me now!