Most Practical Holiday Cars

As is the case with most things in lie, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. People will try to make it a thing and vehemently convince you of it, but don’t believe it for a second. This is especially relevant to cars. There is no such thing as a perfect car because we all use them for different reasons. Some of us want to get from A to B as fast and as stylishly as possible while the rest of us just want to get their safely and in comfort. So, when it comes to the perfect car for you to rent or take with you on holiday, it depends on where you’re going and who you are. If you need a place to start looking, however, here are some practical car ideas to get you thinking :


For road trips

When it comes to road trips – especially family road trips – two of the most important things your car is going to need are space and comfort. When you‘ve got three cranky kids locked up in a moving metal box for hours at a time you’re going to want to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible which will hopefully prevent arguments and crying. The right car for road trips with kids will give you a smooth and quiet ride so they can fall asleep and the adults in the front seats can have a bit of peace. It also helps if your car can handle long distance without guzzling too much gas and one highly recommended that does just that is the Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. It’s nice an spacious for a family of four with extra storage if you need it, the drive is smooth and not too loud and it can tow over 7000 pounds, so campervans and mini-mansions are welcome to be dragged along.

For off road

When it comes to the right off road car you’re going to need power and durability. The last thing you want while you’re on holiday is to be stuck at the bottom of a muddy ditch before you’re even reached the hotel. A great off-roader will dominate the terrain and let you take your family wherever they want, no matter how steep and muddy. So, the car for you has to be the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. This car is very handsomely priced and won’t break your bank while at the same time it does the job it needs to. The 4Runner is excellent because the coil-link rear suspension allows seamless transition from on road to off and you can barely feel the difference. The drive is incredibly smooth and the tyres are as tough as nails.

For small roads

When you’re visiting busy cities and remote villages you need a small, speedy car to weave around the roads. When the road is barely wider than your car you’re going to need something that is compact and quick to get past other cars. That’s why the Renault Clio is great for small road driving. It’s nippy, the steering is tight and the inside is roomy enough to fit the whole family and your bags, although don’t expect to be able to fit the kitchen sink in there, too. The Clio isn’t the only great Renault car for this job, though. Glynn Hopkin has lots of new Renault cars for sale and to test drive that are all a little bit of what you need and at a good price. If you’re planning to do some solo urban exploring on holiday you could even test drive the Twizy and see if it’s what you need. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s energy efficient.