It’s Great to Have a Close Family Member Living Near Me Now

My brother came to stay with me for a few days because he had a new job interview in my city. We were really excited about the possibility of him getting the job and moving here full time. The person who interviewed him calle him back and told him he got the job just 24 hours after the interview. What a surprise! We quickly jumped in the car to go look at midtown Atlanta apartments that same night. We both knew that he had very little time to get everything set in motion, so it was important to get moving quickly.

My brother and I have not always been close. This is because our parents divorced when we were just kids. I grew up living with our mother, and he grew up living with our father. We lived in separate states, so we often didn’t get a chance to see one another unless it was a holiday. But as we grow older we began to stay in touch more, and we begin bonding even more. Now, not only are we siblings, but we are best friends. It was his idea to try to find a job in my city, and I was all for it. Our parents are no longer alive, but I think they would both be pleased to see how close my brother and I are with one another now.

Looking around at apartments with my brother was a lot of fun for me. I had been living in the same old apartment for about 10 years, and it was really nice see how much nicer apartments are these days. So, as it has turned out, we found a place for him, and I ended up deciding that I wanted to live in one of the units in the very same building! This is not something that I expected to happen at all, but it was a really nice surprise. It has been really nice to have him living nearby.