I’m Not Scared Anymore when I’m out in Public

My husband is the person who got me really interested in the Spy Escape and Evasion website that he likes to frequent. It happened after I was followed by a man when I got off of work one night. I had always been on my guard when alone, but this particular situation put me on edge everywhere I went. So, my husband found that website and learned about some great tips and tools that I could use to feel much more safe when I don’t have him around as my personal bodyguard.

My mother was mugged when I was a very mall girl. I remember the look of terror on her face as a man told her to hand over all of her money as I stood next to her at only 6 years old. Later, someone broke into our house when mom and I were home alone. The man who broke in did not realize at first that we were there, and when he did realize it, he threatened both of us. I know that my mother was always nervous about our safety after that, and it has been that way for me too since childhood. It has been exhausting to always have to worry about what is lurking out there for the last three decades. It is not right that anyone should have to worry about whether they will be okay or not because of the entitlement of other human beings.

My husband was really upset after he learned about the man who was following me after work one night. He bought several different things online that I keep in my purse for safety reasons now. I know that I can pull them out and use them if anyone tries to hurt me. It really help to give me a better sense of peace knowing that I have some extra help when I need it.