Floridasmedicalmarijuana.com Said Cannabis Medicine (Medical Marijuana) is not Narcotics

In some countries this plant is classified as narcotics, though not proven that the wearer becomes addicted, unlike the illicit drugs other types that use synthetic materials or semi-synthetic and damage brain cells, which are already very obvious dangers for the human race.

Among cannabis users, a variety of effects produced, mainly euphoria (elation) are redundant and a loss of concentration to think among some users.

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Negative effects in general is that users will become lazy and the brain will slow in thinking.

However, this is still a matter of controversy, because it is not fully agreed upon by some particular group that supports medical marijuana and marijuana in general.

For that reason, marijuana can not be used as a remedy for all human beings, let alone who do not like drunk. Then the scientists will make the hangover effect is lost so that everyone can use them as healers and treatment of various diseases.

Other effects of marijuana that can be said to be useful is in the treatment of pain, seizures, and several other diseases occurs through neurons.