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Top 5 Best Swimming Pool Destinations

Everyone loves a swimming pool; it’s a place where you can relax, exercise, party and enjoy that much needed family time. Swimming pools are usually the main selling point when you look up your designated resort. Pools can be also be convenient after seeing all those attractions and venturing around exploring new places as it’s a great way to release stress and feel a the sense of relaxation.  There are number of pools around the world that are simply beautiful, so we are going to look at some of the best swimming pool destinations across the world. Wherever you go though, you will want to ensure you look as fitting as possible for the destination. With the Thomas Royall designer brand, you’ll be able to show why you’re the king of the water and feel as comfortable as a queen.

Best Swimming Pool

Tassia Lodge, Lekurruki Ranch – Kenya

This is a stunning swimming pool at the Tassia Lodge on Kenya’s Lekurruki Ranch. You’ll have the chance to soak yourself in utopia as the pool overlooks hundreds of miles of conversation land owned and managed by the Mukogodo Maasai. On a nice summers day you can relax whilst enjoying the scenic view of this beautiful foliage and, because you’re surrounded by this conversation, you’ll have the opportunity to see plenty of elephants and even the rare sighting of African wild dogs!

Grand Hotel Central – Barcelona

This swimming pool destination is where the amenities and luxuries of a five-star hotel coalesce together providing a sense of style and tranquillity. The location is situated between the Gothic district with its spectacular Cathedral and the ancient city walls – the ‘el born’. The pool offers some beautiful views that you’re likely to get on a post-card and you can witness the culture of the Catalonian surroundings all from the pool you are standing in.

Canaves Suites, Oia – Santorini

This looks like something you’d see out of a fairy tale, situated in a cave – formerly part of a 17th-century winery that overlooks the Aegean Sea at the exquisite hotel – Canaves Suites in Oia, on the Santorini Island of Greece.

Hotel Caruso, Amalfi Coast – Italy

Located on Italy’s near-perfect scenic Amalfi coast, then Hotel Caruso is set at the highest point of Ravello. It presents a Gothic feel due to the eroding castle-like building.  The infinity-edged swimming pool is found down a pathway flanked by roses and overlooking a beautiful ocean. The hotel itself just defines Italy in one building. With the art work on al walls and all the ornaments consisting in the resort will make you realise what relaxation truly means.

Icebergs, Sydney – Australia

Undeniably the best place to see the spectacular views of Bondi Beach, the swimming pool has been around for about 100 years and has become a Sydney institution. The pool probably offers the best views on this list and the atmosphere and history that you be indulged in is worth every little bit. … Read More