Author: Katie Gordon

Hardwood Floors Are Not So Nice in the Winter

Our hardwood floors shined like diamonds when we first saw our house back when the real estate agent showed it to us. It was one of the main features that convinced both of us to buy it. We actually wanted a place with hardwood all throughout the house. We were tired of wall to wall carpeting. We have hardwood in every room except the kitchen and bathroom. Real hardwood floors too, not that laminate stuff. Then, when winter came, the first thing I was doing was looking online at sites that have nice rugs for sale.

We needed a place to put our feet when we sat on the couch and first got out of bed. Those floors we have now are cold in the winter.… Read More

Always Go with the Natural Remedy First

I settled on Vimax after a visit to the doctor’s office over some erectile dysfunction issues I started noticing several months ago. I am no longer a young man and I actually suspected this issue might start rearing its head, but I still wasn’t prepared for it. At first I attempted to ignore it, as I think many do. After an embarrassing situation with the wife, she insisted I make an appointment with the doctor in order to investigate the issue. I think she was more worried that there could be a serious underlying condition causing it. I was worried as well.

Everything checked out in terms of it not being an impending serious heart condition.… Read More